Tomorrow is moving day! Brandy-Jasmin Scott is headed to Fredericksburg, Virginia, to commence studies at the University of Mary Washington. Here's looking back on 18 years of highlights... Her birthday is Monday, 8/26/2013. She was a happy child.

But she developed attitude quickly.

Her first language was German—she traveled often. Here she is at her godparents house in Alsace.

She took an early interest in technology...

And she seemed to enjoy figuring things out.

She made friends.

Sometimes she acted silly.

But usually we had fun.

Sometimes we took long walks in the park. Yup, cliché.

She enjoyed good food.

And she made new friends.

We enjoyed the outdoors together.

She liked wildlife and I once caught her a lizard.

We spent some quality time together.

She had fun with her cousin.

We visited museums.

She practiced karate.

Sometimes we both acted goofy.

We got sunburns.

She taught a parrot to talk like a teenager. Don't be stupid!

We always watched "It's a wonderful world!" at Christmas.

We visited the National Arboretum.

And before we knew it, she was growing up.

But she was and is still fun to be around. Usually.

And she still has fun with her cousin.

Here's wishing her the very best possible start on a succussful, exciting journey.