Quiz Engine: Thanks, Serge!

First of all, the script powering the quiz behind this page is used with the kind permission of Serge Raty. I created the image map and made a few slight modifications/additions to the script, but Serge did the bulk of the work. Visit his website at www.serger.biz.

Outline Maps: Thanks to Brigham Young University

Most of the outline maps used in these quizes came from Brigham Young University.

Timer Script: Thanks, Nicolas!

I took the timer script from Nic's Javascript Page. Visit his website at THIS ADDRESS. The page claims not to have been updated since June 2001. Doesn't make the script any less valuable, tho.

Hide Divs Functions: Thanks to Movalog.COM

I probably could have come up with something myself, but I found a very simple little script—RIGHT HERE.

Opacity Functions: Thanks to BrainError.NET

The scripts listed here have working examples and are now, according to the website, in public domain. I had some trouble with getting the opacity correct in IE 7, but it turned out to be my CSS and not the script. Recently, there has been some activity on BrainError.NET. Check the site out HERE. I've noticed a slight problem with the shiftOpacity function—it goes through a false start once before kicking in and doing what it's supposed to. If I have a lot of time someday, I may try to figure out why, but the scripts are very usable as is.

Crosshairs Cursor: Thanks to WebToolKit.INFO

This website is HERE.

Boxover Script: Thanks to Oliver Bryant and Matthew Tagg

This was somewhat of a late addition to the page, but I think it really helps in pushing more detail into a mouse-over. Check out the website HERE.

Drag Div Script: YoungPup.NET

This script hails from September 2001 and was published on Youngput.NET. And oldy but goody—check out the website HERE.

Drag Iframe Script: Thanks to Matt Kruse

Invaluable for this page—I really wanted to be able to move around the details. This script was created by Matt Kruse at JavaScriptToolBox.COM.

Dynamically Resizable Iframes: Thanks to GeekLog.NET

Finally, I wanted the iframes to be pretty and fit well. GeekLog to the rescue—check out their article on this right HERE.

Obfuscate Email Address: Thanks to the Finger Lakes BMW Club

I've been using this function for years and haven't gotten around to thanking them yet—thanks, guys. By obfuscating the email address before putting it on a webpage, you confuse robots and spiders, which cuts down on spam in a big way. Just remember that when you run HTML-Tidy, it un-obfuscates the address. Their page is located HERE.

Client-Side Image Maps: Thanks, Ubuntu!

I created the client-side image maps using KImageMapEditor in Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu rocks!

Cool Woodcut Graphics: Thanks, Gode Cookery!

These are really fun and worth checking out at http://www.godecookery.com. And, yes, I'm going to buy that cookbook.

MAPS: Fair Use?

With regard to some of the map materials, I'm trying to get away with using the "Fair Use" provision of copyright law—this page is non-profit and educational. However, I had so much fun creating it that I feel I probably owe somebody money. Some copyrighted map images were taken from EduPlace—I modified the graphics, resized and colored the maps and then created the computer image maps.

Other Images

I've take liberty with a few graphics that have been sent me in emails, etc., because they're funny and I thought they'd look good on the page. If you are the copyright holder of the picture of the monkey, or if you are the monkey himeself and object to your image being used, let me know and I'll take it down.


I've tested the game in IE 7, Firefox and Opera. If you have any issues, suggestions or requests, let me know and I'll see what I can do.