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Columbia Grand Prix
"The only thing higher than the jumps
are the stakes."

24 September 2005

Yeah, right.

Columbia Grand Prix

First, something to eat. I thought of selling this perfectly heart-shaped sandwich on eBay for thousands of dollars, but I was too hungry.

Columbia Grand Prix

Brandy is jealous of my perfect sandwich.

Columbia Grand Prix: Jealous

She tries to tempt me with strawberry ice cream and gummi bears.

Columbia Grand Prix: Trade?

Time to enjoy the show.

Columbia Grand Prix: Cold!

Close enough to the horses to smell them, although the place will probably be smelling like horses for a while after they're gone.

Columbia Grand Prix: Horse Smell

Time for a pony ride.

Columbia Grand Prix: Pony Ride

Just need a little help....

Columbia Grand Prix: Getting on a Horse

...getting up there.

Columbia Grand Prix: Help Getting on a Horse

Apparently it was worth the effort.

Columbia Grand Prix: On a Horse

"Kris Kringel" and partner doing dressage.

Columbia Grand Prix: Kris Kringle

Time for the "Goshen Hounds."

Columbia Grand Prix: Goshen Hounds

They moved like a flock of birds.

Columbia Grand Prix: Goshen Hounds

All are ready for the hunt.

Columbia Grand Prix: Goshen Hounds

Treat time?

Columbia Grand Prix: Goshen Hounds