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Luray, Virginia
1 October 2005

Welcome to the Luray Zoo

Luray Zoo

Trespassers will be eaten.

Luray Zoo: Trespassers Will Be Eaten

Enter here.

Luray Zoo: Enter Here

This zoo has a fantastic collection of reptiles.

Luray Zoo: Snakes

I think this is the smallest cat they have.

Luray Zoo: Cat

It's always easy to make friends.

Luray Zoo: Goat

Up close and personal.

Luray Zoo: Up Close

Fat and happy.

Luray Zoo: Fat and Happy

Monkey see....

Luray Zoo: Monkey See

monkey do.

Luray Zoo: Monkey Do

Oh, and they weren't kidding about what happens to trespassers.

Luray Zoo: Tiger

Click on the picture below to visit the OFFICIAL Luray, Zoo website.

Luray Zoo: Website