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What's Left of the Year 2005?

Goodbye to Clover, Virginia: The farm has been sold. This was probably our last real visit.

Goodbye to Clover

A new "No Trespassing" sign was put up.

Sign of the Times

The old sign was retired.

Back home, we began having trouble with squirrels.

Problematic Rodents

I decided to trap him. I dubbed him 'Fat Bastard.'

This was when I learned that squirrels could growl.
I also learned that squirrels have friends.

This is a patient in Doll Hospital after a Play Date with Sahra. No squirrels were harmed during this play date.

Doll Hospital

Taylor Dog got her Christmas present a little early. She liked to leave it around in places she thought might irritate me or maybe drive me completely mad.

Another one...

Decorating in progress...


Christmas Eve: It's a Wonderful Life, George Bailey...

It's a Wonderful Life...

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Pretty enough for a picture...

Of course there is still unfinished business, work to do... next year.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year