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Fredricksburg Old Town
November 2007

Nobody babysits parrots, so Mr. Magic went with us to visit our friends in Fredricksburg.

Nice place!

Magic's view... The view from his cage.

Little White House Bed and Breakfast

Interesting old weaponry...

Won't need this...

Everybody loves Mr. Magic! Look! A fan!

Love your bird, dude!

He's got fans all over.

Such a pretty bird!

Elena drew this for us to remember him by...

This is Mr. Magic!: by Elena

Maybe a walk through the old town will do us good...

Little White House Bed and Breakfast

Santa finds a girl who doesn't put her dirty clothes in the clothes bin...

Santa in Fredricksburg

Mary has HUGE feet.

Dear God... please make my feet smaller...

The Riverby Books shop window. Okay, you got us.

Riverby Books in Fredricksburg, VA:

This is the shop from the inside. It smells like books.

Riverby Books in Fredricksburg, VA:

Other shop windows. Headless torsos.

Torso-less heads.

Hands, breasts, other things.... Great place to shop.

Something for everybody. Even that special parrot.