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Major Issues and Images: 1973-2008

The world was a different place 35 years ago. People were worried about different things.... Ending an unpopular war, gas prices, and terrorists, for instance.

Sorry—no fuel due to Arab oil cutoff

Our president had been listening in on converstations illegally and didn't feel like talking about it.

The Tapes

The dollar was in miserable shape and just kept falling.

Throwing the dollar across the Potomac

Underdeveloped countries were gaining nuclear capability.

Your prayers have been answered! A first strike capability!

Big oil companies were throwing around their muscle.

Big Oil

The middle class was getting squeezed by trade deals that seemed to benefit foreigners.

True, we have bread on the table, Katrina, but remember the poor American peasants who had to pay for it.

It was a time before SUVs. Instead, we had gas-guzzlers.

Warranty 12 months or 12 mph.

Inflation was a concern.

Then picking up this big stick, we belt it firmly but moderately between the eyes.

An unpopular Republican president had apparently spoiled his party's chances in the upcoming election.

Unpopular GOP President

In fact, the highest elected official seemed to have lost all credibility.

Why doesn't anybody ever believe me?

History and déjà vu.