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FOSE 2008
April 2nd, 2008

Technology Solutions for the Business of Government...

This is the OQO Model 2—I've been watching these for a while. It weighs less than a pound, runs Windows Vista and starts at $1,299. Note the pen for size comparison.

OQO Ultraportable

The GoBook MR-1—runs XP but is Vista capable, up to 1GB of RAM and weighs a whopping 2 pounds. Oh, also dirt and water resistant.  Starts at $2559.

GoBook MR 1

A forensic data capturing device from LogiCube. I wouldn't really have any use for one of these, but it would look really cool next to the TV remote control and I could shout, "DON'T TOUCH THAT!" if anybody reached for it.


This is Cisco's Network Emergency Response Vehicle—or NERV III.
It is scary big.

Network Emergency Response Vehicle

Another water-proof computer, the Durabook D15TS. Don't know what it costs and not sure if it comes with the rubber ducky.

Water, water, everywhere...

This is the Kirtas APC Book Scanning Thingy. It is awsome to watch in action—flipping pages with robotic suckers, smoothing the paper with little plastic thumbs, peeking to make sure everything is ready for a picture with a little periscope. The basic model costs about $100,000—about $180,000 for the fully loaded version.

Vulnerable to bookworms?

The GETAC A790—finally a so-called tough-book for the latté-liberals out there.

Toughbook for Latté Liberals

Another wet laptop from 3K Computers—I think we should just start calling them wetbooks.


DiCAPac waterproof cases for things you'd like to get wet but can't.


I came away from the exposition with three realizations:
1. Money is no object.
2. Small is big.
3. The government is all wet.

The Government is all wet.