Folks, it's finally coming to an end. This is election day. It's been ugly—and primarily a matter of perception.

Hillary Clinton has 30 years in public service—30 years in the public eye. Given the amount of bad press she had to overcome to get the democratic nomination, she must really have wanted it.

Donald Trump, a relative newcomer, also had some unflattering moments.

But these weren't the only candidates. There was Ben Carson, of course.

Then there was this guy....

But who were they, really? I asked GOOGLE in June:

I did the same for Donald, of course:

I think the key word is 'awesome.' Trump is simply awesome—he can do things that nobody else can do. Just ask him. (MOUSEOVER for details)

Meanwhile, in Russia, Putin rides a fancy bear through the cyberwilderness...

And wile we're crossing borders, this is what the German magazine 'Der Spiegel' thinks of our election this year.

There were other democratic candidates, of course.

The one who got closest was this guy. Criticizing his hair?  Really?

One-by-one, Republican candidates folded.  Remember Ben Carson?

As for Bernie—it was not meant to be.

Sanders' exit from the race didn't realy change the campaign dynamic. in a way, it was like he had never left.

So we were left with this man...

...and this woman.

It was such a depressing campaign at times that I just wanted to turn off the TV and read a good book.

Or maybe a graphic novel.

Or maybe just pick up a magazine.

But the campaign, for all practical purposes, was just kicking off.

Melania gave a speech.

Clinton continued to be dogged by the email scandal.

It was the only campaign I've ever seen that was, at times, NSW.

This went for the Democrats, as well.

It is sad that these are two people we have to choose between.

At the end of the day—one of these people is going to be president.