Visit to Clover

April 19th - 21st, 2002

This bird house is taken. Occupado. Understand?

Catbird or mocking bird? Your guess is as good as mine.

Morning, time to get going.

Morning in Clover.

Though some of us don't move too swiftly nowadays.

Flash is mostly blind and deaf, but still a good dog.

It's a nice time of the year.

Mary's azalias.

Garden time. This place has "Pat's Preserves." It's worth a visit. Pat's place.  Preserves made in Scottsburg, Virginia. Just off 360 between Clover and South Boston.

They're not known for their kittens.

Look what I found.

And, no, we can't keep it.

Can I keep it?

Why? Because 'Scruffy' would eat it.

Why can't I keep it?

This is "Mom." She felt Brandy was getting a little too friendly too fast and bit her.
What did we learn from this?
Kittens are nice, cats aren't.

Mom gets an itch scratched.

"Blow flower" = Pusteblume
Make a wish.

Pusteblume - wuensch dir was.

Black snake with someplace to go. Decided to slide under the paneling.
Don't let him do that, says Norma.

Harmless black snake with someplace to go.

Your wish is my command.
But the snake won. I didn't want to hurt it.
I hope the feeling was mutual.

Where does a four-foot black snake go?  Anyplace it wants to, apparently.

All in all, a very tiresome day.

Dreaming of kitties.