Answer = B
Eudora Welky was a/an ... and is best know for inspiring a/an ...

Stripper ... Virus
Author ... Email Client
Lawyer ... Disk Operating System
None of the above

Answer = C What does TOS stand for?

Terminate on Save
T1 Operating System
Tramiel Operating System
The Only System

Answer = D One of the first video processing units to be offered for the Amiga was the...

Amiga Dazzler
Graphathon Digitizer
Video Synch
Video Toaster

Answer = B What is an 'Easter Egg'?

A form of Trojan Horse
An extra feature in a program that is activated by a secret sequence of keys
A wireless mouse
A bad computer, as 'Lemon' is to a car

Answer = A Blog is short for ...

Binary Log
Blimy Logorhythm
None of the above

Answer = D HTML is ...

A sexually transmitted disease
A database programming language
Hyperbolic Tear and Markup Language
The language that this quiz was written in

Answer = A What did QDOS, the predecessor of MS DOS, originally stand for?

Quick and Dirty Operating System
Quick Disk Operating System
Quack Duck Operating System
Quellcode-Disketten Operating System

Answer = C What does TWAIN stand for?

Modulator, Demodulator
It doesn't stand for anything, it was taken from 'Mark Twain.'
Technology Without An Interesting Name
Turning Window and Image Net

Answer = B What is the Ethernet?

A net with which one catches the elusive etherfish
IEEE 802.3
Deciding between two nets.
Too slow.

Answer = D Konrad Zuse was ...

... the inventor of the modem
... the inventor of Linux
... the inventor of ENIAC.
... the inventor of a pre-World War II electromechanical binary computer designated Z1