Longfellow Elementary School Spring Fair

May 4th, 2002

What to do at the Spring Fair?

Lollipop Tree

Mysterious woman known only as "The Mariachi Woman."

For Truth, Justice, the American Way.

Or you can get your face painted....

Lindsey Williams getting a makeover

...your nails done.

Unknmown girl in 'Barbie' coat getting nails done.

Or watch interesting demonstrations.
This demonstration proves that you should strap your eggs into plastic trucks with clear, adhesive tape.

Rememebr - use tape.

When you don't, look what happens to the egg.

How Humpty Dumpty got on the wall in the first place.

Terrible waste of yolk.

Ende einer Dienstfahrt.

Speaking of food, only four tickets (one dollar)

Nutritious, American food.

Other good, American food.

Brandy enjoys some cotton candy.

Feed the shark.

Sharks need food, too.

View from inside the shark.

Inside the belly of the beast.

Celebrity Dummies

Better than dumb celebrities.

Thelma getting scary.


And finally, an impressive demonstration by the Wilde Lake Karate and Fittness Center.

Director: Kevin Agahi, Wilde Lake Village Center, 410-884-7340