Max has a Birthday

May 4th, 2002

News Flash: Giant Bird Attacks Wooden Ballet Dancer....

...Spiderman Helpless!
Details at six.

A vaguely familiar face.

Could be the boy in the middle, Max Pohl.

First, a puppet show. This is Don and his shy caterpillar.

Don with "Bonnie" the break-dancing bunny.

Bonnie goes to pieces.

Very good show.

Frog more interested in what's in the tub than doing the trick.

Don is persuasive.

He has the audience.

Guss the Green Gorilla.

Guss is a swinger.

This one juggles rocks.

Finally, the horse.

But which one is the birthday boy?

Max blows out the candles. Time for presents.

Max got lots of cool things.

This is a kite.

Time to party.