Night Life in Columbia

Desktop Dancer

No, this is not that Spears girl.

This is an MP3 dancer I downloaded from the Web.

Hard week, hard start into the weekend - just feel like unwinding after shopping, cleaning, cooking, vacuuming, studying Urdu... whatever?
Feel like going to the club but know you wouldn't dance once you got there? Don't know how to dance? Don't know where the club is? Don't care?

MP3 Dancer is for you!

Every little thing she does is magic...

In a computer world of spam, spoofers, virii, worms, zombies and smurf attacks, sometimes trivial things like this still make it fun.

And when it's all over, you don't have to worry about getting a taxi.

Caution: The creators of "MP3 Dancer" also peddle the "Virtual Girl" for people who really don't have a life. The dancer, as far as I know, is rather harmless. The "Virtual Girl" is downright dirty.

Download MP3 Dancer Here