Hiking for Dummies

West Virginia: July 1st, 2002

This is the proper footwear for hiking.
$38 at "Payless".
Tell them I sent you.

The Boot

Some things you might see along the way.

Pretty Flower

This is the enemy. Shines like a snake in the sun, but cold as all get out.

Behind you, the "Green Death." Deal with it.

If you can't get out of it, get into it. Or vice versa.

These prints were left by very beautiful feet.

Would you stand on this rock?

Probably not a good idea.

Some people love roughing it because of the food.

Others love the company.

The fire is usually good. It makes you feel alone enough to share thoughts that haven't gone through the normal built-in approval process.

And afterwards, if you're lucky, there is solitude, and time to think about what has been said.

Sometimes it's being without people that makes me feel good.

And sometimes it's friends.