Pat Tricks

What do you do with the kids when you want to power-walk with the neighbor?
Easy. Make them dinner and leave them with one of the husbands.

This is Miles enjoying his Chicken Devine.

Miles likes Chicken Devine

Jazz likes Chicken Devine, too.

Jazz likes it too.

Miles rests the spoon on his head and gets some in his hair.

The dogs can take care of this.

Brandy thinks this is funny.

Too funny.

Miles in his "Aruba" tee.

Take a picture.

Jazz still working on the Chicken Devine.
Renée makes it with fresh chicken, so she bakes it for forty minutes.

Jazz still eating.

Too much. Jazz has to get into the show.

Take a picture!

Miles shows off his muscles.

Tough guy.

Jazz vogues.

Jazz vogues.

Justice League of America.

Justice League of America

This is spooky. That little blond girl looks exactly like her doll.


It's hard to be tough and not smile.

Trying not to smile.

Miles remembers just in time that he has to go somewhere.

Made it just in time.

Oh no. What's wrong with Miles?

What's wrong?

Miles didn't finish his Chicken Devine. He didn't get a cookie.

Miles wants a cookie.

Would a cookie really make everything okay?

Hey, why not.

Guess so.

Miles feels better.

Jazz already had a cookie, but she can bite her foot.

Jazz can bite her foot.