Party 2002

Brandy's Birthday Party: This year at "ExploraWorld". All in all, a very positive experience.

This was the cake. It is no more.

I'm not sure, but I think I'm being mooned.

Max is more interested in the fire truck than in playing house.

The girls decide to play dress-up.

The ambulance.

Alison shows me a trick she can do.

Lindsy has some pizza.

From left to right: Miles, Max, Lindsy, Brandy, Alison, and Jasmin. Anastasia didn't want any pizza.

Jazz says "hi".

Miles is eating his pizza and would rather not be disturbed.

Max has a little cake...

...and takes the sugar out on a balloon. The balloons didn't have it easy.

Puppet show?

Sheep trick.

Anastasia feels left out again.

Brandy tries to explain. The body language says it all.

Max does some hoops.

The Patrick kids double-team their Dad.

Back home, a little fun with a balloon.

Taylor in her element.

Silhouette of a Party Animal. During the party, Taylor had at least two cookies, some milk, possibly some cake and a goodly-sized chunk of smoked gouda. If pigs could fly...

Scruff doesn't enjoy parties quite as much.