Trip to Washington, D.C.

Sunday: October 20, 2002

I think this a representation of Man's Inhumanity to Horse.
Either that or it signifies the amount of horse crap that the FTC has had to listen to lately.

A shortcut through the sculpture garden of the National Gallery.
These are "girls" - puellae.

Runaway typewriter eraser.

Now outside the Smithsonian. A triceretops skull.

One of four "Colossal Heads."

Finally at the Washington National Cathedral.
Please, no photos. I'm not dressed yet.

The Bishop's Garden.

Where the Bishop works.

Nice places to look for solitude...

...usually competing with other people.

Detail of the fountain.

The Biship's Pious Insect.

A flower.

A wishing well.

Fifty-One Steps to the Cathedral.

Not a Christian creation.