New Year's Resolution: Clean Up!

So what stays and what goes? Well, this will have to stay. It's an old business card from way back in pre-1989 Berlin.

What to do if you're approached?  DON'T PANIC.

This goes. I figure nobody cares that I was pool champion at JAROC in 1987."

JAROC:  Joint Allied Refugee Operations Center

I'm saving this -- an old membership card for Videothek Steglitz in the days before "Blockbusters."

Days before 'Blockbusters.'

I'm saving this, too. I've had it since 1977 and use it as a coaster.

Safe Boatmen use THIS coaster.

This is going. A gift for Valentine's Day. Slap it down on its bottom and it says, "Happy, yeah... Whatever."

Perfect gift for that special loved one.

I am not throwing out any old pictures.

East Berlin ca. 1990.

This is staying -- another Cold War memento. A "Feliks Dzierzynzki" award from the Bezirksverwaltung für Staatssicherheit, Karl-Marx-Stadt..
And of course I'm keeping the flag, too.

Für hervorragende Erfolge im Kamp gegen den Feind! (Translation: For outstanding success in our struggle against the enemy!) Wasn't so outstanding after all, was it?

I'm keeping this, too -- I've got a thing for old ID's.

Never seem to take a good picture.

This is my German driver's license -- I'm keeping it. You just never know.

Regular German Driver's License

Does this picture make me look old?

Which profile is better, left or right?