Walk in the Park: Wilde Lake

January 5th, 2003

This is what happens when you say the work "WALK".

High Energy

Dogs off the wall. Dogs in your face.

An In-Your-Face kind of dog.

"Old Blue Eyes" gets most of her exercise before we even get out of the door.

Old Blue Eyes

It's just started to snow.

They're predicting one inch.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dread of night....

Snow on the water.

Snow on water.

Still my favorite tree.

Wilde Lake, Columbia, Maryland

Snow on the bamboo.

Snow on Bamboo

Things are getting slippery.

Slippery way.

Scruffy has a problem with other dogs.
Remember the pictures of her bouncing off the wall? This is worse.

You want a piece of this?

Nice view.

You can't fish from here.

Later, back home: Looks like about three inches so far.