Sleeping with the Enemy

March 1, 2003

This is something like what I saw in the kitchen.

Mice are fine as cuddly toys. This is one of my favorites.

But I don't want them crawling over my cooking utensils in the kitchen.
It must be stopped.
"Just don't kill it," says the wife.

Okay, that complicates things a bit. It's a little more work, but less messy in the long run.

Time to make a live trap. Coffee can, tape, wire mesh, tin snips... All we need.

Artist's concept of how it will look to the casual observer.

Always disable the spring on the trap when making one of these things.
It's easier on the fingers.

And remember -- traps don't kill mice, PEOPLE kill mice.

Time to test it on my toy elephant. Didn't work.

This is why -- the hook gets caught up in the mesh. Need to straighten this out and shorten the wire.

Yes, that did it. My daughter named it "Fred." I'd kind of like to name it Spoils - you know, like in "To (the) 'Victor' goes the Spoils."

A parting shot in the park.