Vacation 2003

Ocracoke, North Carolina

From Blackbeard's Journal: Such a day, rum's all out. Our company somewhat sober. A damned confusion amongst us! Rogues a plotting, great talk of separation. So I looked sharp for a prize. Such a day took one with a great deal of liquor on board. So kept the company hot, damned hot: then all things went well again!

Your guide!

A stop along the way in Virginia Beach

Good weather.

Blue sky.

A first dance.

Birds and shadows.

Wet feet.

Camouflaged crab.

Nice architecture.

How do you get there? Walk this way!

If you happen to trespass along the way, this is what you might see.

This is not where we are staying. Our house was smaller.

This is where we ate our dinners.

Time to dance again.

Denizen of the deep...


Wild applause! Kites are flown in celebration!

Rainy day, almost time to go home.