Bring It On

"Everywhere that freedom arises, humanity rejoices..."


...and everywhere that freedom stirs, let tyrants beware."

(George W. Bush)
A cross to bear

And if you're locked up in a cell in the USA and can't talk to your lawyer, nobody knows your name and you can't turn off the light, you're probably a stinking terrorist.

Simple as That

We have new heroes and new villains.

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Our soldiers should be exempt from international war crimes tribunals because we do not commit war crimes.
(There will be no Lieutenant Calleys in our future.)

We are changing our laws to better protect our citizens, sacrificing some freedom for the good of the majority.
(Don't be afraid of men in masks anymore.)

Good toys for a 'Terminator' summer

Bring it on.
God bless America.

God Bless America