Freer Gallery of Art

August 10th, 2003

The entrance to the gallery? Behind me. Fascinating stuff.

This is a stone thing, kind of like an ancient hedge or fence or something.

This is a network engineer.
To this day, many excellent network engineers follow this deity.

Japanese shopping list?

Irritated individual.
Probably irate because he has to spend all day and night in the museum with a skirt on.

Iranian vase depicting the story of Rapunzel.

Old Japanese cartoon showing two people commonly thought to be the Brothers Grimm.

Painting by James McNeill Whistler, titled "Jaybird."

Another painting by Whistler, "Woman with Weedwacker."
This painting is charged with apprehension.

You've heard of the headless horseman?
The head.

The best part, in my opinion, was the fountain on the way home.