Sleep Over in Clover, Virginia

September 20th - 21st, 2003

First Annual Semi-Camp-Out Clover Semi-Sleep Over

Dana can touch her tongue to her nose.

Cecily is not interested in such silly tricks. She wants more cake for a sugar energy boost.

Two of the organizers confer. It is 11:00 PM.

There were rumors that I would show up in a bear suit to scare the participants.

I did not have my bear suit with me. Instead, I had to act like a bear at two in the morning to get them to go to sleep.

I took this picture on the way to pick up eggs for pancakes. I had bet fifty bucks that the girls would not stay the night in the tent, but nobody took me up on that bet.

Something I found in front of the tent. I kept it. An awful lot of work for a penny.