Spam and Hidden Messages: Excerpts from One Day

November 4th, 2003

What does this woman taking a shower have to do with on-line prescriptions?

Maybe she doesn't know she's being watched.

If a shower makes you feel frisky, you might need one or two of these afterwards.

Or maybe an "Arnie" t-shirt will get the juices flowing for "Total Recall" fans in California.

And then there are the scams.

And occasionally some hidden text that makes no sense to me whatsovever.

congo midshipmen irrelevant aye cumberland bassi fiscal octennial aspheric sorption elmhurst cultural lila bible dissociable debra scarface whelm amygdaloid stagecoach documentation noble vertebra rilly kaleidescope cotillion lesion piquant exude inlaid meadow irresolution leonine cheyenne grossman regina mutt bruckner biddable

Hey - cut your debt in half!

Or increase the size of your "Lrge Ml nt"

In my opinion, this is the "Most Improved Spam" - much better than when they just sent me a before and after picture. I particularly like the hidden text that is apparently designed to spoof anti-spam engines, but turns out to be almost entertaining.