To Dispel Fears of Global Warming

December 13th, 2003: Clover, Virginia

This constant chatter concerning global warming deserves a moment of thought.
Maybe we can put things in perspective.

I like to refer to it as "Global Chatter."
This is not a real grass roots movement.

It seems that people are so taken up with the rantings and ravings of third-rate scientists that they can't see the forest for the trees.
Or the tree for the branches!

The simple fact is that it still gets darned cold out there.
Everybody knows that.
We've all seen it and felt it.
So what we need is more time to study the climate.

We will fund scientists who will waste millions of tax dollars telling us that water freezes and water melts.

Will they tell us which of the two, freezing or melting, is prettier?

I sincerely doubt it.

They will tell us they need more time and more money for research.