Time Travel

The Benefits of Never Throwing Anything Away

Most recent eBay purchase: A scanner with a film-strip adapter. The trick is now finding the time to scan in the pictures while I'm still young enough to remember when they were taken.
This here is in the cemetery in Genua, Italy - ca. 1984. We were there with our friend Bob.

This is Norman having a good time at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest in Berlin, ca. 1978.

Mr. Tibs returning from one of his very regular visits to the flower box in our apartment in Mainz, ca. 1994. He was using the flower box as a kitty litter box.

This is a park of ruins in Koblenz, Germany, ca. 1992.

This is Nice, France - same roll as Genua, Italy. We were actually heading towards Florence (south), but Bob wanted to tank up at a rumored US base first. It's a long story.

And another nice picture. I was admiring some of these pictures for a long time hanging in Bob's bathroom (the pictures). I remembered being there and was disappointed in myself that I didn't take nice pictures like Bob did. As it turns out, he just ended up with the prints.