Thinking about Throwing in the Towel

And therefore, gentle reader, I am thinking about trashing the whole thing. Just letting go and pursuing more fruitful ventures, like inline skating with my daughter, or swimming and making "girl soup." I am five tests short of completing an update to my MCSE and have only read the book for my next test twice. This website has become an obligation, a distraction and a burdon.

This evening after dinner we had a contest to see who could draw the best giraffe. I do not want to influence your opinion, so I will not tell you who sketched the marvelous animals below.

[ABOVE] Fascinating use of motion -- the poor, three-legged giraffe is being bounced on by an inconsiderate Jack Russel Terrier. The abused animal is looking directly into your eyes. You, the viewer, can certainly feel its pain.

[ABOVE] Ah, here the artist has switched gears, so to speak. Whereas earlier her giraffe had no spots, now it is has not only been spotted, but is also waiting patiently next to an elephant, perhaps at a traffic light. Still, it has only three legs. Why is that? The artist is playing with your brain.

[ABOVE] Veritably one of the most striking sketches submitted, this one shows the serpentine neck of a strange, giraffe-like creature mounted on the body of a Jack Russel terrier. It is hard to imagine what inspired this sketch.

[ABOVE] Very fine figure of a giraffe that has some similarity to the Loch Ness Monster, albeit without spots and a body, and sketched mischieviously on the back of a long envelope.

Who has the best giraffe? You decide. I've got other things to do.

Good night. 10/23/2004