Halloween Story by Brandy and Kevin Scott

Long ago there was a young man. He had almost no money. He always had bad dreams. One day he had to move because he couldn't afford his apartment any more.

He moved to where his uncle used to live. His uncle had been a famous violinist and used to give concerts all over the world. He and his uncle never got along, his uncle was very strict. Once, when he was a boy, his uncle had given him a terrible beating for interrupting his violin practice. But now the uncle was dead.

One night, when the young man was trying to sleep in the house, he heard strange, sad violin music. He tried to ignore it, and finally got to sleep. The next night, the music returned. Again, the man was able to ignore it and go to sleep, but every night the music came back and seemed to be getting closer and closer to where he was sleeping.

Finally, one night, he got up and followed it down two flights of stairs. Every step he took creaked on the stairs, and once he felt something move under his foot and a rat ran squealing in front of him. At the bottom of the stairs was a closet. The man knew the music was coming from the closet. He was afraid to open the door, but finally reached out his hand and touched the doorknob.

The music kept playing. He pulled open the door and the music stopped. There he found a box. On top of the box was his uncle's violin.

Inside the box was money, a lot of money - probably a million dollars. On one of the dollars was a note. It said, "Sorry." He never heard the music again.