Dancing into Spring: May 2005, Longfellow, Columbia, Maryland

Dancing into Spring at the Longfellow Spring Fair in Columbia, Maryland
Dancing in Spring
Who's the man in the bird suit?
It's no secret that the CIA has had trouble meeting recruiting quotas.
Person in a Bird Suit
There are interesting things to buy.
Pretty Things to Buy
Here's a do-it-yourself percussion ensemble that really beat the one-man-band.
The belly dancers announce a dance demo.
Belly Dancers Announce a Dance Demo
Karate demo starts under Master Sean.
Karate Demo under Master Sean
Jason prepares for his kick.
Jason Prepares for his Kick
He flips once and breaks the board.
Jason Flips and Hammers It
Teamwork: One
Teamwork One
Teamwork: Two
Teamwork Two
Master Sean tries to break a beer can.
Master Sean Trying to Break a Beer Can
It works on the fourth try, but note where the can is.
Works on Fourth Try
Master Kevin is more into healthfood.
Master Kevin Prefers Healthier Food
He finishes the apple, more or less.
An Apple a Day
Master Sean gets mugged.
Master Sean Gets Mugged
He will be leaving Wilde Lake Karate dojo.
Master Sean's Last Day

All Photographs © Kevin R. Scott