Columbia, Maryland: 5 June 2005

Walk around Lake Elkhorn; Columbia, Maryland: 5 June 2005
Pretty Flowers
Birds and babies. Wish I could get a closer shot.
Bird Armada
Hello pretty girl. We're hungry.
Be afraid....
Ah, flip-flops. So it's buffet then.
Ah, flip-flops.  So it's buffet...
What do you mean we can't eat your toes?
Pretty toes.... Yum, yum!
Do you mind if we eat the guy with the camera?
Eat him! Eat him!
Mother watches, waiting for leftovers.
Mother watches.
The lake through a tree branch.
Poor man's canopy.
All sorts of pretty.
Another pretty place.
A favorite place: wilted geometry.
Favorite Place
The good life.
The good life.

All Photographs © Kevin R. Scott