19 June 2005: Washington,D.C.
Hot, buggy... uh, muggy day at the National Arboritum.
This plant is bugged.
Call me Ahab...
Great White..Koi
Call me Koi...
Supper Time
Call me anything, just don't all me late for dinner.
Call me already...
This is not a picnic, it's a photo opportunity.
Photo Op
Ripples on the water.
Ripples on Water
This Gingko Bilboa has been in "training" since 1896. It was donated by Massayuki Fujio.
Gingko Bilboa Bonsai
Rocks and water.
Rocks and Water
This is Chinese Banyan, and has been in "training" since 1971.
Chinese Banyan
Leaving the bonsai area.
Green and Red.
Green and Red
A native of China: Rosa x Fortuniana
Rosa x Fortuniana
Bay leaves.
Bay leaves
Tree tattoos.
Tree Tattoos
The bunker on the way out.
All Photographs © Kevin R. Scott